I had a Superior Gear - Super 30 kit installed in my HP30

It included an ARB 30 spline Air locker, and  Chromoly shafts. All I needed then was the air compressor, switches, and relays.

I choose to get the ARB Compressor, it came with everything I needed to be able to use my new locker. So then comes the dilemma of where to install the compressor. I wanted it to be kept clean, my thought was the cleaner the air used in the system, the longer the life of the components. There is a small hatch behind the spare that I almost used. I still think that it is a good spot, but I wanted somewhere closer for all of the switches, relays, and wiring.

I choose under the dash, where a clutch pedal would mount. Do not install the solenoid under there, it will have oil in the air that it releases. I ran some tubing from the compressor to the engine compartment and mounted it out there.

This is the mounting place for the compressor.

Test fitting the bracket and marking holes to drill.

Compresssor mounted, taking up space that I didn't even know I had.

All wiring and air line connected to Compressor

Don't drill too deep, or you'll hit the brake booster.

I removed part of the dash to run the wiring.

This empty space became a new power distribution center. Note the ARB relay as well.

I ran the wires for the switches to the shifter bezel.

I used a Dremel to cut holes and mount the switches.

I like the placement; I ground it a little with the collar on the Dremel. I am going to buy a new one and redo it.

When I get a rear air locker ( In an axle that they make one for) I will install the Compressor switch here, and have both lockers on the shifter.